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Sunken Garden, with Molly Brown,

June 20th from 5:00-8:00  Tickets

Mystic Arts Cafe (in Museum),

October 12th at 7:30 

Clinton Art Gallery Sunday, 

October 21st from 2:00-4:00   

Town of Preston Library,

October 16th at 6:30

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From the Reader's Report by Bruce Bond


“I look about and find whatever I see/unfinished.” Margaret Gibson writes in these powerful and moving poems, which investigate a late-life genesis. Not Hearing the Wood Thrush grapples with the existential questions that arise after experiencing a great personal loss. A number of poems meditate on loneliness and fear; others speak to “No one”—a name “richer than prayer or vow.” In this transformative new collection, Gibson moves inward, taking surprising, mercurial turns of the imagination, guided by an original and probative intelligence. With a clear eye and an open heart, Gibson writes, “How stark it is to be alive”—and also how glorious, how curious, how intimate.

Not Hearing the Wood thrush  

publishing September 2018